Xavier Institute of Management (XIMB)  Auditorium,
Xavier Square,  Bhubaneswar - 751013
Odisha, India

Xavier city campus, Nijigadakurki,
Harirajpur, Dist: Puri ,
Odisha,India- 752050

If you come by train, please get down at Khurda Road station and take an auto to Xavier University Bhubaneswar (XUB). It's around 5-6 Kilometres and the auto guys normally ask for Rs. 100/-. You also may get shared auto sometimes to come to the campus.
If you are travelling by flight, please ask for Xavier University Bhubaneswar and any of the cabs (OLA, UBER) will come to the campus. From the airport, the campus is around 11-12 kilometres.

You will be taken to the XIMB campus by a vehicle on November 25th. In case you reach in the morning of November 25th, you may come directly to XIMB. In that case, please get down at Bhubaneswar station and take an auto to reach XIMB, Xavier Square. In the evening of 25th November, you will be taken back to XUB campus.

To reach Xavier university campus you can take
Bus No.234 from Master canteen (Bhubaneswar city bustation)  to Jatni. It  will pass through Xavier University.


The morning temperature in Bhubaneswar  will be 18 to 20 C, and the day  will be pleasant. Please carry  necessary warm cloth which  you need.